Sari Temple

Just a mile away from Prambanan, there are two major temple structures to be found. One is Candi Kalasan and the other is Sari temple. Candi Sari is a Buddhist structure built in the eight century, and historians believe that it was a monastery for Buddhist monks. Most of the rooms were used as dormitories, providing simple accommodation within a short walk of the region’s major temple complexes. The name itself, Sari, means to sleep in Javanese, confirming its historic use. It is very likely that the monks who worked and prayed in the neighboring Kalasan temple were the same ones that slept overnight in Sari temple.

Candi Sari

As you visit the Candi Sari, notice that stone wasn’t the only material used in construction. Wood was very likely part of the building, but only the stone has stood the test of time. You should also keep an eye out for the outer wall’s ornate decoration that includes the female god Tara holding flowers as well as numerous Bodhisattvas with musical instruments from the time period. You’ll also see over 30 statues surrounding the perimeter of the buildings.