Plaosan Temple

Less than a mile from the enormous Prambanan temple complex is Plaosan, a structure that is made up of over 170 buildings that combine both Buddhist and Hindu elements. This is an incredible temple known for its beauty, but it is also fascinating because of its history. Plaosan was a gift from the Hindu prince of the Sanjaya dynasty to the Buddhist princess of the Sailendra dynasty. History shows that these two kingdoms were competitors and even enemies, but Plaosan temple is a monument of peace, love and religious respect.

The Plaosan Lor

Plan to spend a few hours at Plaosan temple in order to see as much of the site as possible. There are two main twin temples, both of which are separated into two levels. Each level contains three rooms, and there were originally 18 sculptures in each temple. Today, some of the sculptures are missing, but many still remain. If you look closely, you may see some non-religious carvings of a man in a crown, which likely portray the prince who commissioned the construction of the temple. In addition to the twin temples, take time to see some of the smaller stupas as well as the nearly 60 shrines in the complex.